Because He Lives – Booklet

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Because He Lives – Booklet

The Hope, Promise & Truth of the Resurrection

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Authors: Sandy Adams, Jon Courson, Damian Kyle, Bill Stonebreaker

In His last moments on the cross, Jesus saw beyond His bloody death, past His glorious resurrection, right to the moment when you and I would learn of His love for us. He knew all that His death would satisfy. He also knew that each one of us would have to make a choice.

It is a frightful thing to die without hope, unprepared to face consequences of living a reckless life. At the same time, it is a glrious thing to die in the hope of etrnal life – to trust the victory Christ won on the cross when He uttered, “It is finished.”

What will your final words be when you go from this life into the next? Words of joy and triumph? Or words of regret and panic?

Because He lives delivers words of truth and promise brought by the resurrection of Christ. Inside are hope-filled answers to questions like “Why did Jesus die?”, “What did the death of Jesus bring us?”, “Was the resrrection a real event?”, “What does Easter mean to you and me?”.