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Breaking Free From the Barrenness of Bitterness

Author: Damian Kyle
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It has been said that for every New Testament command, there is an Old Testament portrait. In the little known Bible character, Ahithophel, we see a vivid picture of one person’s bitterness defiling many.

Ahithophel, once a trusted advisor and intimate friend to King David, joined force with David’s rebellious son, Absolom, in a coup to overthrow his father’s reign. Ahithophel’s plan of attack was rejected, however, and he took his own life.

In Breaking Free From the Barrenness of Bitterness, Pastor Damian Kyle provides a glimpse into the heart and mind of this man whose fruitful life was made barren through bitterness. He sounds a clear warning and gives Biblical instruction on what to do with our hurt and anger towards others so that our lives will continually yield an abundant harvest of spiritual fruit.