Coming World Revival

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“No one is better qualified than Robert Coleman to write on revival. . . . No one in our generation has a clearer vision of God’s plan for His people or a greater burden for revival. . . . This could be one of the most important books you will ever read.” —Billy Graham

Sometimes heaven seems to come to earth. Men and women with lives broken by sin find the grace to repent and the power to change. People make restitution for wrongs committed. Broken homes reunite.

Sometimes heaven breaks through. Prayer comes easily. The Scriptures speak with fresh meaning. Christ and His peace seem especially close. Temptations are overcome and victory is realized.

This is revival. Such times have shaped the history of the Church and have probably shaped you. You know it is the way things ought to be—both in God’s house and in your heart. But how do you open the way for it?

Robert Coleman, author of the bestseller The Master Plan of Evangelism, takes a thoughtful look at revival—what it is, what it does, how it comes about, when it may be expected—and relates practical ways you can work toward personal and church renewal. He even provides a detailed plan to ensure that the entire church family is spiritually prepared and productively involved. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter make the book an excellent small-group resource as well.

Coleman concludes with an exciting glimpse into the coming world revival promised in Scripture and explains your role in that movement. In fact, it all begins with you: As you meet God’s conditions for personal renewal, you will experience revival within. And your revived spirit will reach out and strike the spark that ignites new life in others.