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24 Hours expositional Teaching with automated slideshow presentation (Requires Real Media player – instructions included with CD)

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Matthew was a Jew, a Levite; he presents Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel—the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. This first book of the New Testament plunges right in to establish Jesus as the Meshiach Nagid, the Messiah the King.

The Matthew Commentary includes the following studies:

  • Matthew Session 1: Introduction and Chapter 1, The Birth of Jesus Christ
  • Matthew Session 2: Chapter 2, Visit of the Magi, Massacre at Bethlehem, Flight to Egypt, Return into Nazareth
  • Matthew Session 3: Chapters 3 – 4, John the Baptist, The ‘Lamb of God’?, The Two Messiah view, Temptations and their principal source, The ownership of the nation(s), The cost of discipleship: leaving as well as cleaving.
  • Matthew Session 4: Chapters 5 – 7, The ‘Sermon on the Mount’ Part 1, The Beatitudes, The Similitudes, The Lord’s Prayer, Treasure in Heaven,
  • Matthew Session 5: Chapters 5 – 7, The ‘Sermon on the Mount’ Part 2 The Golden Rule, False Teachers, The Law of Christ
  • Matthew Session 6: Chapters 8 – 9, Calming the Storm, Demoniac at Gadara, The Call of Matthew, Jairus’ Daughter, Woman with the issue of blood
  • Matthew Session 7: Chapters 10 – 11, The Twelve sent out, John the Baptist: response
  • Matthew Session 8: Chapter 12, Sabbath issues, The Unpardonable Sin
  • Matthew Session 9: Chapter 13 The Kingdom Parables, The Four Soils, Tares and the Wheat, The Leaven
  • Matthew Session 10: Chapters 14 – 15, The Murder of John the Baptist, Five Thousand Fed, Traditions of Judaism vs. Commandments of God, Four Thousand Fed
  • Matthew Session 11: Chapters 16 – 17, Peter’s Confession of Faith, The Transfiguration, The Tribute Money
  • Matthew Session 12: Chapter 18, The Gnostic Gospels, Dealing with Torts, Due Process, Forgiveness
  • Matthew Session 13: Chapters 19 – 20, The King’s instructions on Marriage and Divorce, The Rich Young Ruler, The Laborers in the Vineyard
  • Matthew Session 14: Chapter 21, The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, Supplemental Study: The 70 Weeks of Daniel, The Destiny of Israel
  • Matthew Session 15: Chapters 21 – 22 Cleansing of the Temple, The Fig Tree, Rejection of the Holy Spirit,
  • Matthew Session 16: Chapters 23, Eight Woes, The Purpose of all History, The Tragedy of all History, The Triumph of all History
  • Matthew Session 17: Chapter 24 (one of the most important prophetic passages in the New Testament) The Olivet Discourse, Beginning of Sorrows, Abomination of Desolation, The Siege of Jerusalem
  • Matthew Session 18: Matthew 24 vs. Luke 21: Are they the same? Different occasion? Different audiences? Different emphasis?
  • Matthew Session 19: Chapter 25, The Ten Virgins, The Ten Talents, The ‘Sheep and Goat’ Judgment
  • Matthew Session 20: Chapter 26: The Last Seder, Prediction of Jesus’ suffering and death, His anointing at Bethany, Judas’ betrayal, The Passover meal, The Lord’s Supper
  • Matthew Session 21: John 13 – 17: The Upper Room Discourse, Foot Washing, The Harpazo, The Vine and the Branches, What to Expect, Jesus’ Prayer, Relationship with the World
  • Matthew Session 22: Matthew Chapter 26, The Garden of Gethesmane, Jesus’ arrest and accusations, Peter’s denial, Annas and Caiaphas, Legal Irregularities, Lessons from Peter
  • Matthew Session 23: Chapter 27, The Roman Trials, Pontius Pilate, Herod, Barabbas, Jesus’ Death
  • Matthew Session 24: Chapter 28, The Resurrection, Appearances of Jesus after His Resurrection and its significance