Strategic Perspectives 2013


Strategic Perspectives 2013
DVD Briefing Pack

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Dr. Chuck Missler – The Christian Challenge for the Years to Come Dr. Peter Flint – The Dead Sea Scrolls, Prophecy, and the New Testament Dr. William Welty – When God Disciplines His Own Tom Horn – The Vatican, Pope, and UFOs: How are They Linked? Panel: Are We Really in the End Times? Dr. Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, Dr. William Welty, Joel Richardson Joel Richardson – The Impact of Islam Panel: Middle East Update – The Nitty Gritty Dr. Chuck Missler, Joseph Farah, Joel Richardson, Gordon McDonald Dr. Dan Stolebarger – A Selah Moment – A Call to Prayer David McAlvany – Can America Endure the Coming Years? Panel: Preparedness for the Times to Come – Dr. Chuck Missler, David McAlvany, Tom Horn, Mark Gustafson Koinonia Institute presents its 2013 Strategic Perspectives VII Conference in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho on DVD, intel and insight to understand the times. DVD Set – 5 discs Run time approximately 10 Hours The Koinonia Institute is a Christian Think Tank and fills an important void by bringing some of today’s brightest Christian thinkers together to share insider perspectives on today’s events and how they relate to the Bible.