The Life of Jesus

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The Life of Jesus

Author: Jon Courson

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On a  dusty road 2000 years ago, a disciple named Peter turned to the one he followed, asking, “Lord, to whom do we go? You alone have the words that give eternal life. We beleive them, and we know You are the Holy One of God.” Centuries later, the question still stands: Where will we go to find eternal life?

To answer this all important question, we invite you to trace through the footsteps of Jesus from His birth in a humble stable, through His death, burial and resurrection. Blending the Gospel accounts with the book of Acts, the chronological narrative, taken entirely from scripture, brings you face to face with the person of Jesus Christ.

Helping readers to consider the uniqueness of Jesus, Jon Courson introduces the one solitary life that has powerfully shaped the course of history. And as the story is closed, he brings us to the heart of the whole matter: Where will you go to find eternal life?